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"If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one ~ Mother Teresa"

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Comments Off on Emails Like These Certainly Melt My Heart

Emails Like These Certainly Melt My Heart

It is unfortunate that I am not wealthy. Had I been blessed with abundant finances, I would have helped so many people in need. Always, it pains my heart when fellow Filipinos whom I have not even met personally, will send me emails asking for financial aids for a sick child or for college education. […]


Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin Jr. – An Inspiration

Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin Jr. was listed as one of the Philippines’ 40 richest people, in the 2007 Forbes ranking. He is the President and Director of Holcim Philippines, Inc. (HPI), a Philippine-based cement manufacturer and a member of Holcim Group, a supplier of cement, as well as aggregates, concrete and construction-related services. He is […]

Comments Off on Letter From Scholar: Michelle Albatana Entoma

Letter From Scholar: Michelle Albatana Entoma

Dear Mr. Eric Ariel Salas, As always, there is one person that deserves my warmest gratitude and that is you. Growing up in a broken family was not easy on my part. Heartaches, lack of love from a father and unbearable pains were experienced. I thought I cannot pursue my studies in college due to […]

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Sponsor a Scholar

The Salas Foundation encourages everyone to sponsor a scholar for four years or for the rest of the scholar’s study program. We pick a student for you or you can pick from our list of student applicants. Your responsibility is to provide your scholar the needed tuition fees. We assure you that all students we […]

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